How to contact Colin & Urszula Barrett aboard "Freedom"

By phone:-

If there are any particular questions that you have concerning living aboard, or cruising in European waters; insofar as we have only our own experiences to offer, please do email, or give us a call - We are on the UK's local time GMT, or UTC if you insist

Our mobile telephone number in Belgium (updated with new number in 2014 as we now live in the UK)

By Skype:-

Image of the Skype logo

We quite often have a stable Wi-Fi connection, and can be contacted via the Skype PC-PC voice system. Our Skype ID is, of course:-


By Email:-

If you would prefer to contact us via email, please use the following address:-

Our email address- Click here to send us an Email

However if your Internet Service Provider allows spam abusers, perhaps you cannot see our email address above, or perhaps you don't have an email address yourself, then you can use this form to contact us:-

To Contact us, please CLICK here


We - along with many other Web-Site owners - are daily 'inundated' with SPAM. That is unsolicited, unwanted 'junk' email, often offensive and frequently of a pornographic nature.

Since we have to pay out good money, to download and then read our email, we are not best pleased to find that around 60% are total rubbish, either offering us copious quantities of Viagra, various and dubious methods of disposing of all of our debt's or free satellite dish installations (providing we live somewhere in the US of A ) etc.

We are so fed up with this that we found and use this very good program to delete 'Spam' before it gets to our in box. If you came here looking for our list of known spammers, forget them and use this program instead:-

Click here for the Mailwasher Web-Site, program information and download

Nick Bolton and his crew, market a full 'professional' version that includes 'Hotmail' & 'Yahoo' add-on's. We have been running this for some years and it is working very well indeed. If you contact Nick, tell him you found out about him here on our Web-Site please?

Ships Log-Book

Since moving our ISP, we have dropped the ships Log-Book as the code was no longer supported, many thanks to those who took the time to write of course! Use the form above to send us some feedback, as we really like to hear from our Web-Site visitors.

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