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Welcome to Kahawi's "Sail Away" WebSite

Dedicated to all who dream, and some who have realised, the ambition to; 'Get Away From It All'

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Cast off from here!

When I started writing this Web-Site in 1998, I was commuting by train to London every day. A job or two later, I found myself on the same railway line, but going in the opposite direction to Reading - Not any more!

Our Daughter; who has been 'Globe-Trotting' herself, sent us a card containing the following quote:-

"Ten Years from now; you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones that you did.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from that safe harbour; Catch the Trade Winds in your sails, Explore Dream Discover!

Do you dream of quitting the "Rat Race"? Selling off the car, the golf clubs and leaving it all behind?

Do you get those nagging twinges down the left arm and sometimes worry that one more boardroom presentation will result in a full-blown heart attack?

We have had the ambition to "Sell up and Sail Away" for a while now - Our circumstances have changed, we "Sold Up" bought the boat and in early May 2003 left for Europe.

Here you can read; and get a feel for, our reasons to want to quit the dull, boring daily grind that only seems to pay the mortgage, never quite achieving the good life you thought you were heading for.

Quite why we assume that we have to conform to the 'normal' rules I have never been able to work out.
Who says we can't sell off the car, the house, clear the mortgage and simply 'bum around' for the rest, or part of the rest of our lives? We have worked hard to be where we are, so why leave it all to the kids when we die?

In this website you will find contributions from those who are like-minded, some who are able to offer expert guidance and some who are out there actually "Living the Dream"

So the time did come when; one morning, I actually stood up in that commuter train and said:- "Goodbye to you all, this is my last day of going to work" "Tomorrow I take my life and my ship to harbours anew".

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